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Watching movies and videos have become a popular way of entertainment among all groups of the society. Whether you decide to watch a comedy in the company of your friends or choose some romantic story for your date or just whine over a soap opera alone anyway you want to watch all this stuff in high quality, so MP4 Converter is an absolute must-have for this purpose.

MP4 Converter allows you to work with MP4 file format which is recognized by your PC and different portable devices such as iPods, iPhones, Androids and so on as well. Besides, the files with MP4 file extension provide you with option of choosing different audio streams for your video and switching on or off the subtitles in different languages.

MP4 Converter is one of the simplest programs you have ever known. Using this software is like taking a sun bath on a hot summer day – it is pleasant, easy and will require practically no efforts from you. You just select a number of files you want to convert, choose destination directory and initiate the conversion by pressing "Convert" button. The option of batch conversion provides the opportunity to convert all your video files to MP4 within a very short period of time. All necessary settings are established by default but if you feel the computer genius waking up inside you, you can adjust them manually as well. A user-friendly tutorial with snapshots will help you to understand the principles of work of MP4 Converter and help you in case your computer genius will get asleep again.

Moreover, MP4 Converter is completely free software. You just need to download it from the Internet onto your computer, complete the set up process and enjoy the set of its advantages as well as different upgrades and updates to it. Convert video to mp4 easily with mp4 file converter.



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